Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Big welcome

Hi guys,

A very warm welcome to my personal space where I'd like to share my interests, beauty and hair tips and of course a bit of everything, as most women my interests are quite vast and I don't like to limit myself to anything ;) 

At the moment hair care takes up a lot of my free time. As my hair has been trough hell recently. In March this year my usual stylist left without letting me know and I've been left with in some other ( not the best trained in my opinion) hairdressers' hands. All I wanted was to have less highlights and more natural hair... is it so difficult to understand and do. It turned out that it was for this woman who firstly from lovely highlighted hair that I had it turned into strawberry blonde ( more ginger than blonde which is the last colour I would have on my head as I hate warm tones, never mind any redness in), then the silly woman put a dark ( said to me it's dark blonde) all over which was just a disaster as I looked ill in such a dark colour. My natural hair is mousy blonde and never had any warm tones in it but has been told that all the colouring and bleaching changed its  properties. After this incident I had to go to my old hairdresser and she stripped the colour off, put some highlights but that took a massive toll on the condition of my hair.

                                        That's my hair in March 2015.

                                  My hair now, with hihglights and more ash tones.
I've had it cut quite a lot but unfortunately my hair won't grow, not quick enough anyway. I know am a bit impatient but would love to have longer and healthier hair not dry, damaged strands that if I curl it myself it drops pretty quickly... is it because of the bleach and all the colouring?  

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave a sign that you've been here :)