Thursday, 10 December 2015

Frizz Central

Probably many of you, same as me, struggle with frizzy hair. Recently mine has just gone absolutely crazy. I've decided not to straigten it or use the hair dryer and it was just a big mistake... I went to bed with slightly wet hair, tried to air dry it ( again what a disaster to say the least). I woke up the next day just to find this:

I thought that taking supplements will help my hair a bit quicker but unfortunately it takes time to bring it back to life, especially after so many colour treatments... I used to have very thick hair and recently I started noticing that my hair feels thinner which is a big worry. 

To bring my strands back to life I've decided to stick with oil treatments and am going to do the treatment twice a week, that's when I usually wash my hair. I've also started drinking baking yeast, but that's a new topic for next post :)

The oil I used this time had biotin and collagen in it and suited my hair much better than olive oil which I used before. My hair this morning was sleek (ish), soft to touch and not so frizzy. However, I had to use my straighteners because at the moment I can't just leave it without any styling if I want to wear it down. That's what it looked like this morning:
What do you do to keep your mane in place? Do you struggle with frizz?