Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I've only been using my True Glow face brush for a couple of days but can see the difference already. The main one is the silky, soft skin on my face and I'm sure that's only because I'm using my brush twice a day, in the monring and in the evening after taking any make-up off. 

I've been reading a bit what can be used together with the brush to improve its work and decided to purchase No 7 Gentle Cleanser as my skin's a bit dry at the moment so thought creamy texture would be perfect to bring it back to normal. 

My routine is pretty simple (as I don't wear much make-up apart from my eyes which I love to accentuate). To take the make-up off I use Garnier Miccelar Water, then I use my brush with the cleanser. To finish I put No 7 eye cream Early Defence and Garnier Ultra Lift Serum, before bed I also put some Argan Oil.

Second good thing about using such a brush is that my skin condition seems to improve a little bit, i.e. it's more radiant and any imperfections are slowing going away. That's brush's exfoliating setting for you ;)

If you ever were not sure of buying such an item, I would happily say YES, just do it!
There are many differnt manufactures and the price ranges probably (here in the UK) from £39.99 up to silly money of hundreds of punds. I've chosen middle range and am pleased with it, as it comes with a body brush too, so it's not only for your face but you can easily use it on whatever body part you wish.

That's it from me... for now me thinks! x