Friday, 4 December 2015

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs ,especially those home made, in my opinion, are the best! Free of any chemicals just pure goodness. My favourite ones are the coffee one and sugar scrub. Both can do magic to your skin if you have them regularly, same as everything else.

Coffee scrub ingridients:

* ground coffee ( I like to use the strongest one as I think that works better)
* oil ( my chosen one is coconut as combined with coffee smells devine ;) )
* gentle shower gel ( your own choice, mine is usually something with almond/coconut/argan oil)

Mix everything together and if the paste is too thick you can add a splash of warm water ( it helps coffee to disolve a little bit). Apply on wet body ( I find if you use this scrub on dry skin it scratches a little bit).

Sugar body scrub ( can also be used on your lips, works great as it smoothes the dry, patched skin)

* sugar ( either normal white or brown)
* preferable oil ( coconut is my favourite)

Mix everything together and enjoy it in the shower. Remember not to wet your skin before as this might result in sugar melting to quickly and not doing it job, i.e. exfoliating dead skin.