Monday, 4 January 2016

Grow your hair (fast)

How to make our hair to grow faster and in natural way. A few tips that are worth following if you want to have healthy, long and shiny hair.

1) Diet- this is the key to not only healthy hair, skin but all well being of our body. Very important in our diest should be food rich in protein, like chicken, fish, whole grains,eggs, beans and nuts. 


1) Scalp massage- you can choose between dry scalp massage or add argan, coconut oil and gently massage your head for 3-5 minutes. That will stimulate blood flow which helps all of the goodness and nutrients get to your hair follicles more quickly. By adding the oils you also are making sure that your deliver valuable nutrients direct to the hair as well the scalp.


3) Oil treatment- at least once a week do an oil treatment, my method is to put a few drops of oil of your choice into a bowl filled with warm ( not to hot) water and mix it a little bit. Then I rinse my hair in the mixture, keep the oil for at least 30 minutes under plastic cap and towel. After that time I usually put some hair mask, I love and would definitely recommend Redken Extreme, for another half an hour and then rinse with shampoo. To finish it off I always put conditioner before rinsing it as it helps seals the hair ends and makes it more managable later. But remember last rinse has to always be cold.


4) Trim- another key element to have healthy hair is regular trimmings, you don't have to have cut a lot from the length but just enough to get rid off those split ends. They can be a nightmare if we don't have them trimmed as they can travel up and make our hair to loose its shiness. So let's not be afraid of regular visits to hairdressers.


5) Supplements- finally if we are still not seeing any results it might be a good idea to try some supplements. Silica ( horsetail plan extract) and Biotin are really important if you want to have thick and healthy mane. Vitamins B and C are also very crucial when it comes to grow of our strands. However, be careful not to overdue or mix too many at the same time as it might end in with me (but that a story for another post)


Hope you find my little tips helpful and if you can think of anything else that you do please share it with me.