Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hair buns

Hair buns are my savors at the moment when I'm cutting the use of straighteners and curlers. The only thing I use is the hirdryer as if I left my hair to air dry it would be total frizz and mess. However, while am drying my hair I don't forget about protecting it from the heat with L'oreal Oil and of course Jantar Hair Mist.

I found some great ideas for a messy bun, twisty one, etc. on Pinterest and I just love Katie (she's such a cool woman and her hairstyle is effortlessly but looks so stylish). 

I've tried to do the messy bun and that's the outcome:

And the twisty one...
I really like the effortless hairstyles but sometimes struggle with them, as what I find after oil treatments my hair's quite sleek(ish) especially on the scalp. The key here will be using a bit of dry shampoo like Katie does. At the moment I don't have any favourites in this field as I've never thought that texture sprays or dry shampoos are doing anything apart from leaving the nasty, white coat... any ideas for dry shampoo that doesn't leave any white residue that you want to share? Please feel free xxx