Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Make Up Gallery Bargain

There is so many make up brands, from really cheap one to very expensive ones. I've decided to try one of the cheapest one. Normally I don't wear much make up, the only thing that I am really keen on is good mascara, and other products but as well I put blush, bronzer or highlighter on. Last week I was on a mission to find some cheap equivalent to MAC or Chanel ones. To my surprise I found a new make up range in my local Poundland :O Yes, everything for a pound! Usually I'm a bit fussy and always careful what I put on my face but the ingredients were ok so I thought, why not?!

I picked the highlighter powder and blush.

Good To Glow Highlighter powder has got solid structure but when you glide the brush through it it looks like it melts and I must say sets very well on my cheekbones. The sheer that you get is very subtle and can easily be worn during the day. If you put a bit more than it's perfect for the night out. 

Feeling Blush Blusher is soft and to my surprise has got Vitamin E. It gives nice, subtle glow to the cheeks without looking like unnatural. 

Have you ever tried cheap cosmetics and what was your experience with them? Please share it with me, I'd love to hear your comments.