Friday, 29 January 2016

Protecting Hair While You Sleep

There's so much information on the internet how to protect hair during sleep that it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming... I follow a few, easy steps every night and my hair is bouncy and fresh the next morning.

1) Brush- remember to always brush your hair before your go to bed and always, always use brush with natural bristles. Natural bristles help distribute oils (sebum) that our scalp produces, leaving our hair shiny and soft. Using one of those brushes do not pull our hair and it makes it easier to detangle hair, especially long. However, some girls prefer to use the tangle teezer, I much prefer to stick with the brush.


2) Night up-do- never sleep in loose hair, always make sure you tie it up either with a clip or scrunchie. Your can either plait your hair, put it in a pony tail or even use silk/satin nightcap. My prefer hairstyle would be a ponytail as after a plait my hair looks a bit messy, especially the ends ;/
Here's a really good tutorial of a hair up-do


3) Dry Hair- always make sure that your hair is completely dry as wet strands can get damaged/torn as they are more fragile and sensitive. The best and most advisable way would be to leave your hair dry naturally... However, I understand that nowadays we're all very busy and sometimes it's difficult to let the hair dry itself. I would recommend to invest in a good hairdryer and always use spray with UV protection. At the moment I'm using Babyliss Elegance 2100 which delivers high gloss finish without any frizz as it uses ceramic heat-balancing technology.


4) Silk/Satin Pillowcase- they're not as harsh on our hair as normal cotton ones which means less damage.


What are your tips to keep your hair protected while sleeping?