Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Split Ends (our nightmare)

Split ends can be nightmare, especially when we're trying to grow our hair. That's my problem too, am afraid I am guilty of not trimming them as regularly as should be done and now instead of growing my hair I have to have it cut, not a massive amount... However, for me it's like the end of the world :O So what can we do to protect them, especially in Winter where the weather outside is terrible, strong winds, rain/snow and central heating, i.e. dry air...


But why split ends occur, what is the cause? The use of electrical gadgets, i.e. straighteners, curling wands and even hairdryers. In my case it was hair colouring/bleaching which stripped off the protective layering of the hair shaft and weaken the hair that much that it nearly stopped growing and my split ends are visible more and more.

Few tips how to minimise the appearance of split ends:

* regular trims are crucial, minimum of an inch in my case is necessary to make sure that the split ends have been removed

repairing products like repair, restore shampoos, conditioners and masks are very important as some of us wash their hair almost every day, I stick with twice a week and it seems that it's enough for my dry, damaged hair

* oil treatments may not get rid off the split ends but they will definitely help prevent the split moving up the hair strands and of course such treatments will bring more moisture and strength to our hair

* silk or satin pillowcase can work magic as we sleep we turn a lot which causes the fraction with hair and pillowcase. Ordinary cottons or linen ones can be very harsh on our hair. Silk/satin is very delicate and soft material which is more gentle to our mane 

* protein and vitamins can be found in lean meat (chicken, turkey), fish, eggs, beans, etc. Vitamins and products rich in biotin can be found in broccoli, spinach,berries and nuts

* less heat i.e. stop using straighteners or curling wands every day, try to air dry your hair