Monday, 22 February 2016

Babyliss Big Hair

I've had this brush for some time now but never actually get on with it...or I think I needed to learn how to properly use it to achieve the desired effect. ;) 

That's why yesterday, lazy Sunday afternoon I washed my hair ( OMO method i.e. conditioner, shampoo and mask in that order, where I picked my Kerastase Resistance range and Ceratin Conditioner). Before I started drying my hair I let it air dry for a little bit and after that I used my Babyliss hairdryer but only to get hair about 80% dry. I'm not usually good with all those styling brushes, curlers, etc. but thought I need to give it a try...


Babyliss Big Hair brush is perfect if you've got two left hands (like me usually totally useless with stuff like that). It's a big brush (50mm) ceramic and rotating barrel with soft, natural bristles that won't pull or tangle hair. What's more it uses Ionic technology with leaves hair frizz-free and shiny. What I found really useful was the rotating barrel which makes the whole drying/styling experience so much easier. I'm not going to lie at first it was a bit tricky to style my own hair (especially the back bit) with a brush but after a few minutes it got easier and easier. And the effect...well I'm pleased with it as it gave so much volume to my usually flat hair and the ends are nicely turned in which makes them look healthier than they really are.

Me and my big brush :)

 My hair after I smoothed some L'oreal Extraordinary Oil to finish the look.