Monday, 8 February 2016

Kérastase Resistance Products

Kérastase Resistance Products are another little beauties that I'm trying on my damaged hair. 


I'll start with The Shampoo- the consistency is quite thick but easily spread and lather very well. With contact with hair leaves it smooth, however that might be me brushing it before ;). After washing my hair felt squeaky clean. 

The mask- is thicker than my last Redken Extreme which makes such difference as you don't need much of it to evenly cover your hair. Mask goes on smoothly, easily to brush through hair. After rinsing it off my hair felt very soft and light. I put a little bit of mask nearer the scalp to see if it weighs the hair and the answer is NO ( well happy about that).

The smell of shampoo and mask is fresh and light, nothing overpowering. I've only used them once but hope that regular use will help to bring my hair back to life. That's how it looked earlier this morning, I washed it last night and I always dry it so it was a bit wild as it always is. This morning is more tame and I could leave the house without straightening or curling.

  As you can also see on the first picture there's Cameleo Keratin Conditioner among my Kérastase products. That's a little freebie that I got with one of my orders. I used it before washing as it's free of parabens, artificial colouring or salt.