Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hair Challenge Update/Zapuscmy sie na wiosne

A month has passed so it's time for the update :)

Hair length: 42.5 (straight after drying which doesn't show the right length), 47cm after straightening a bit to get sleek hair.

Hair condition: still brittle, especially mid lengths and ends but hair feel fuller and is easier to manage/style.

Hair treatments: Joanna turnip ampoule for minimum 30minutes before wash, every other wash oil added to my Kerastase Resistance Mask, brushing the conditioner in. 

Supplements: Silica Complex and InnerMe (one tablet a day) plus herbal teas: nettle, horsetail and fennel. 

Ends Trim -2.5cm (17.02.16. )

Hair growth: 1.5cm (in a month)