Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hair Challenge March review/ Zapuscmy sie na wiosne

Hi guys,

March is behind us which means another month of growing out my hair has passed. What I've noticed during those last few months that my hair's condition is improving, slowly but something good is happening. I would say mid lengths and ends need cutting, that's why regular trims are a must at the moment. All in all future looks bright for my strands as long as I keep away from bleach I 'll be fine ;)


Hair length: 48.5-49cm ( I would say first measurement is more likely to be closest)

Hair Condition: mid lengths and ends still brittle and visible signs of damage done by constant bleaching. However, overall condition not bad, as after washing and drying my hair is easier to manage and doesn't need much of styling to look good. 

Hair treatments: Kerastase Resistance shampoo and mask twice a week, warm oil treatment every other week, sometimes even less often ( I find that oil used too often is simply too heavy for my hair and makes it limp and with no volume). Used the rest of ampoules Joanna Turnip and for the first time used Yeast Hair Mask ( which left my hair incredibly soft with no sign of frizz,even after using hairdryer- more about this new revolution soon).

Supplements: Silica Complex ( one tablet a day)

Hair Growth: 1.5cm

My hair before the wash, apologies for greasy weave xoxo