Monday, 16 May 2016

Medium Length Hair

Everyone is talking about long hair, there's so many style ideas for long hair but what about the medium length, the in between length... since chopping quite a bit off I'm struggling a little bit to find new, fresh ideas for medium hair and how to style it in various ways. After a bit of digging I found a few ideas that in my opinion are great and don't involve too much work or time that we usually are short of, especially in the morning.

As always my number one colour is ash/platinum blonde, I know how damaging it is for our hair but still, if properly done it looks stunning. For example like these mid length hairstyles below:

Some wavy ones, that looks cool and are easy to create, all we need is medium size tongs or straighteners and curl our sectioned hair in different direction. I haven't mastered straighteners as yet but tongs do the same job, even better ;)

What are your favorite styles? xoxo