Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Brassy Tones Say No!

Maintaining ash blonde can be tricky and sometimes quite pricey. However, there are decent, cheaper products around as well as little trick that help us keep brassy tones at bay. I love me blonde highlights and I did try to go natural/grow it out but unfortunately I'm not patient enough...

In this post I'd like to share a few of my little tips of how to keep our ash, blonde as cool as possible and for as long as possible.

Firstly, we need to remember that any blonde coloured hair requires special shampoo and care. I wash my hair twice, first using a regular shampoo ( right for my hair type), second with violet/purple/silver shampoo. Some people prefer to use a toner after shampooing and conditioning but in my case I'm not sure if the colour after wouldn't be too purple as the toners are usually stronger than shampoo and you use them last which means no further rinsing needed. My favorite shampoo is from a Polish company Joanna and their products are cheap but still good quality. After the use my hair feels nice and soft.


Secondly, the right care in between using purple shampoo and the next treatment. It's very important to use products designed for coloured/highlighted hair. While styling remember to use heat protection mists/sprays otherwise your hair will loose its colour quicker and what's even worse you can damage your fragile strands. After the styling I also put a tiny bit of Goldwell Elixir which contains Argan Oil to help regenerate our hair and Tamanu Oil which protects hair from damage caused not only by styling/colouring but also weather ( ie wind, cold, sun).


Lastly, don't over do with purple/blue shampoo as it can turn your hair into grey/khaki matte colour. Everything but in moderation and I'm sure lovely, blonde tones will last till the next visit at your hairdressers.